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Congratulations to all the children at Bower Ashton School in Bristol for reaching the Summit of Kilimanjaro!

Summit Platforms helped children at Bower Ashton School in Bristol to raise money for a trip to Africa and to climb Kilimanjaro the world’s highest free standing mountain at 5895m.

Bower Ashton school have been going to Africa for over 10 years and they run the whole event themselves, therefore allowing all the money raised to be used in Africa directly.

The project falls into 2 parts. The first 2 weeks are spent building & renovating a school, orphanage and community centres. In the final week the children choose to go on Safari or to climb Kilimanjaro.

The children pay themselves to cover the costs for the whole 3 weeks. This money comes direct from them or their families. Most of the children get part time work or arrange car wash and cake sales to raise their money.

Summit Platforms provided Bower Ashton School with a scissor lift to set up the rigging for a fundraising abseil event and provided some further sponsorship to help towards raising £7000 that is taken to Africa and spent directly with the local community on materials (bricks, cement, wood, tools) and specialist labour for building and renovating work. None of the fundraising money is put towards the cost of the trip.

Congratulations again to all the children at Bower Ashton School for raising so much money to be spent in Africa and for making it to the Summit!

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