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Hinkley Point C (HPC) is a multi-billion-pound project to build the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK for more than 20 years.

The Construction of Hinkley Point C is being delivered by a number of major construction companies and specialists in delivering Nuclear Projects. Summit Platforms has been providing Power Access, Telescopic Handlers and IPAF training to contractors working on HPC since 2016

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Engineering Support

Summit Platforms has full engineering capability to support our customers requirement at HPC. Our engineers are fully inducted to carryout machine maintenance on site

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Summit Platforms local depot is based in Avonmouth from where we operate a fleet of 12 delivery vehicles. Our driving team are experienced in the delivery, collection of machines and the specific requirements for travel to and from site and specific site and safety regulations in place at HPC

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Modern Capable Fleet

Summit Platforms Avonmouth depot, based approx. 45 minutes from site, operates a fleet of over 1000 access platforms and telescopic handlers. Our fleet ranges from low level access equipment, booms and scissors with working heights from 4m – 44m. Our fleet is 75% zero or low emission.

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Improving productivity and safety through unique machine enhancements provided at Hinkley Point C by Summit Platforms.


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Electronic secondary guarding device on all boom type MEWPs.

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Secondary guarding and lift enable function for scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts.

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Harness ONTM is an intelligent anchor point that stops the MEWP’s operation until the operator attaches their harness carabiner.

Productivity – Material Handling Attachments

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Large deck diesel scissors lifts – designed to safely and securely carry materials such as cladding panels and large pipes to height.

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Medium and compact diesel scissor lifts – ideal for heating, ventilation, sprinkler and air conditioning material installation at height.

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Small, medium and large electric scissor lifts – designed to safely and securely carry material to height on a full range of electric scissor lifts.

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Boom type MEWPs – designed to safely and securely carry materials such as pipes and conduit to height without sacrificing platform work space.

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Access Control

Control who is using your hired equipment…

Our GPS Tracking Keypad is a simple and effective system for the management of machine usage, preventing unauthorised use and increasing productivity and safety.

Includes an IPAF PAL Card swipe recognition system.

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Power to Platform

All diesel booms and all diesel scissors over 40ft are available with power to platform via an on-board generator. Removes the need to hire a separate generator and have cables trailing from the work area to the ground.